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Why all “Clicks” are not created Equal…


Though we all say and by now have accepted the fact that all men are created equal in god’s eye, but sadly all clicks are not equal in from business’ eye. Though we all are very keen on knowing metrics like CPC(Cost per Click), CTR(Click through Rate),  Clicks on Youtube videos, Clicks on our download catalog buttons and clicks on even the facebook Like button!

But the fact is all these clicks are different!

If you have heard of the 80:20 rule of Operations i.e 80% of the business comes from 20% of the products and the rest 20% comes from the remaining 80% of the products, this same principle applies to Clicks as well!! Quite a similarity between two such poles-apart domains of Web Analytics and Operations!

I have segmented these clicks into 3 subgroups:

  • Serious Clicks: These are your most important clicks, clicks which ultimately lead to sales either directly or indirectly. I believe these types of clicks represent not more 20% of the total clicks. A general characteristic of these clicks or rather visitors is that they show higher levels of engagement. For e.g suppose you have a FB Page and post a photo declaring 20% sale and get around 100 LIKEs  and 20 comments on it, this obviously does not mean all these 100 people are going to buy something from the sale. Out of the 100 fans who have liked the photo, you can expect the 20 people who actually took the effort of commenting on the pic and thereby showed higher levels of engagement to actually go to your website and buy something. And you will notice that out of the total no. of buyers, these visitors will account for almost 80% of them.
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  • Just-Browsing Clicks: These form the bulk of the clicks, i.e around 60% of the clicks, these are from your average joe  who is just there on the internet browsing through stuff and clicks on things which catch his eye. He is not there to buy something but just spending a lazy afternoon on the net. These clicks show low levels of engagement and low time-on-site. There is a huge opportunity here, with more attractive schemes and promotions it is possible to tap into this huge mass and actually get some converts!


  • Accidental Clicks: These are clicks which are like teenage pregnancy, simply an accident. You can identify these clicks with the really low-time-on-site attribute which they are mostly bound to show. These are basically a waste and account for almost 20% of the total clicks.



Why should you make a page on Facebook for your business?

Well by now we all know what a huge success Facebook is. It could very well have been the fourth largest country!! But still, we have noticed that many companies either don’t have a Facebook Page or either have one that is very poorly managed. Not having a FaceBook page is bafacebookpaged but having one that is poor in quality is suicidal!

FaceBook Page is a direct reflection of your company. According to a market research company report a company’s FaceBook Page has 50% more impact on a person that the company’s website!!! WOW! Now that is something! Your FaceBook Page is more important that your freaking website!!!

Let us see WHY MAKE A PAGE?

1. Subconciously it tells the visitor that your company is up-to-date with modern technology, that you are in step with the times and thus can connect with the visitor.

2. When they see people posting and interacting with the company on the FaceBook Page, it again conveys a message that the service/product is used by people thereby implying that it is a quality product.Basically establishing trust and assuring the visitor of your genuineity.fbpage

3. The HOLY GRAIL of CUSTOMER FEEDBACK! FaceBook Page empowers the customer to either publicly appreciate your company or vent out his frustration. Both are excellent for business. Because in the case of appreciation, it adds a chip on your shoulder, something you can show-off. While in the case when you are getting abused, at least you know what you are doing and can take immediate steps to modify it. And as we all know, out of 100 disgruntled customers only 3-4 will ever speak up, but this no. goes up massively if you have a FaceBook Page! And if you really care about your customers you would consider it a good thing! 🙂

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